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Prof. Dr.enev Daniela Ja

In 1982, he graduated with a degree in "Choreographic Direction". He started working in the Trakia ensemble in 1978 as a ballet dancer, then ballet master, choreographer, and since 1997 its director. At the AMTII "Prof. Asen Diamandiev" in Plovdiv has been teaching since 1988. Dean of the Faculty of "Musical Folklore and Choreography" at the Academy. Winner of the "Crystal Lira 2000" of SBMTD, "Plovdiv Award 2004", "Crystal Lira 2005" with the performance "Beautiful Yana".

проф. Антон Андонов

PhD Professor Anton Andonov

Mr.Andonov has graduated the National Dance School situated in Sofia, Bulgaria with a degree in Bulgarian folklore choreography. His professional career began in 1995 with him becoming an artist in Ensemble Trakia and later on continued with him being the principal dancer of the most famous dances of the ensemble. Since 2002 Mr.Andonov has been the balletmaster of one of the leading ensembles in Bulgaria. Respectively, he is a well-known professor at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv and up to this present moment he is the head of the Choreography Department. His professionalism and experience let him become a part of the jury of many international and regional festivals and dance competitions.


Данислав Кехайов

Denislav Kehayov, PhD

Denislav Kehalyov is a famous folklore singer and specialist as well as a Director of the United Municipal Academy of Arts. Mr. Kehayov is also the head of the Folklore Ensemble Slynchev Bryag  and ever since 2014 to 2022, he has been the director the Enseble Pirin – Blagoevgrad.

доц. д-р Николай Тодоров Ников

PhD Professor Nikolay Nikov

A famous folklorist, ethnologist and pedagogue. In 1978 Mr.Nikov graduated the Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski” with a degree in Philology and Pedagogy. He is well-known for his participation in various international symposiums and congresses in Bulgaria and in many other countries. A Doctor in the fields of music and dance and a Professor of ethnology, the folklorist is an honorable member of the Unit of the Scientists in Bulgaria.



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Галина Гавраилова

Galina Gavrailova 
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Trayana Dimitrova
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Христо Желев
Hristo Zhelev
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Красимир Демиров
Actor from
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