Сдружение за Балчик   Balchik is a small town situated on the Northeastern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. Established 26 centuries ago by Greek colonists and named Kruni, the town is a breathtaking place of great history and nature. Later on , in the 6th century BC it was renamed Dionisopolis, after the God of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy – Dionisys. The abundance of minted coins founded proves the town to be a center of great economic importance. Nonetheless, Balchik is well-known not only for the religious rituals for the God of wine Dionisys but also for the ones for the Anatolian mother goddess Cybele. The town of the white rocks is welcoming you to visit it for your unforgettable summer! It is a tourist destination as well as a historical centre – over 60 hotels, located on its territory are warmly hosting visitors from all parts of the world.

град Балчик  In 2012 , Balchik was awarded to be the City of the Festivals on the Balkan Peninsula. Annually, from May until September it hosts various international festivals with performers from different cultures. In other words- during the summer, Balchik is a colorful palette of talents, nations, music and joy. The folklore festival “Sea of rhythms” finishes the summer tour through the cultures. It highlights the authentic part of music and dance and lets everyone experience the power of the dialogue of the generations by bringing authentic art on its stage. The contest motivates the participants to give their best on the stage while the folklore carries the great memories and history of Bulgaria. Last but not least should the aim of the festival be noted for it is to gather people together, to share traditions and to create an everlasting connection between the generations.

   Национален фолклорен фестивал "Море от ритми" - Балчик Our ambition and greatest desire is to encourage everyone to keep the values, friendships and bonds between the nations. Moreover, we aim at stimulating the development of art, folklore and crafts as well as promoting the authenticity and improving the opportunities for international concerts, meetings and conferences. Our main goal is to fully develop the potential of the young and talented children.


 НФФ Море от Ритми - Балчик



Association „FOR BALCHIK”

Bulgaria, Balchik city, 9601,
bl. 16, ent. А, fl. 5, ap. 14

Галина Гавраилова
Artistic director:

Galina Gavrailova - +359 882 723 531

Administrative coordinator:

Траяна Димитрова - +359 899 974 242

Христо Желев
Reservation coordinator:

Hristo Zhelev - +359 899 351 610

Красимир Демиров

Krassimir Demirov - Actor from
DT "Y. Yovkov" Dobrich city


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НФФ "Море от Рирми" - Балчик

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